To clean dvd disc from dust, wipe it with a soft cloth made of natural materials. At this point your movement from the center diskand the edge of the radius, and not in the reverse order. It is recommended to wipe the surface of the diskand circle, because circular damage is much more difficult to get rid of.
Try to dust off the surface of the electronic device with a special spray sold for this purpose in computer stores. Direct a jet of air from the spray parallel to the surface of the diskand wait until the dust will not remain a trace.
To remove fingerprints from the surface of the dvd diskor any other contamination, moisten a soft cloth ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, then wipe dry with a electronic media radial movements.
In order to more thoroughly clean a dvd disk, moisten the surface with water, lather hands and gently apply lather on the brilliant side, then gently rinse with water and blot with a fabric that easily absorbs moisture, such as soft towel. Not necessary to dry the disc with a Hairdryer, this could damage it.
Use liquid glass cleaner, applying it on a soft rag and wiping the surface of the diskand the direction of the radius. Or omit the dvd media in such a solution, and leave it for 5-7 minutes and then wipe the disc with a soft cloth made of natural material.
Please note that such solvents as acetone, gasoline, kerosene, and other compounds, which include petroleum products, categorically not suitable for cleaning the discs. They can be clouding the surface of the dvd diskand causing the electronic device unusable for future use. You should only use solvents on alcohol.