You will need
  • - spun wool, preferably several colors;
  • different fiber for decoration (silk or wool thread, pieces of fabric;
  • - plastic film "bubble";
  • - towels;
  • soap;
  • - water tank.
Cut-out polyethylene "bubble" piece this size, so it was slightly more than the planned sample. Keep in mind that the wool will sit on approximately 1/3, that is, to obtain a sample width of 20 cm, you need to style your hair for a width of 30 cm, and the piece of plastic needs to be at least 32 cm, Place the cut piece of plastic on the table, bubbles up.
Start to style your hair. Take in one hand pasmo hair, and another pull from her flat strands. Please note that your hands must be absolutely dry. Lay the strands from top to bottom, in one direction, trying to achieve a uniform fabric. Some strands lay overlapping, if possible cover all of sparseness.
The next layer is put on the left to the right. Similarly, gently pull the strands and lay them next to each other, covering the entire surface of the sample.
Alternate horizontal and vertical layers, for the first time, make 4-6 layers, and the next time you decide to increase or decrease the number of layers to change the thickness of the felt.
In order to obtain bilateral felt, the upper layers do different color. If you want to create panels, stripes, flowers, dots and other elements on the last layer put the strands of a different color, silk, woolen, linen thread, pieces of fabric, etc. in the correct order. Please note that the silk threads, pieces of cloth did not sit down together with wool, so will the waves.
Water the final composition of the spray (or just hands) so that half the square was covered with drops. On top cover it with the same piece of film, pre-greased with soap. Press down, smoothing the surface, as a result, all the wool inside should be moist.
Remove the foil, lather hands and gently start to squeeze and slap a coat. When the sample is sufficiently lathered up, close it, wrap and turn, start to lather from this side. The soap helps the wool fibers to penetrate faster and weave between them.
RUB, adding soap, both sides. Of water less, put the sample towel, roll and press slightly.
After a while you will notice that fiber is bonded and do not move. Facilitate the work, shook the sample together with the film into a tube and rolling it like a rolling pin. Expand, again wrap in the opposite direction. Roll it several times.
When the felt is ready, rinse it several times with vinegar. Straighten and dry on a flat surface. If at some point you decide that felt insufficiently matted, wet it and proceed.
To make the beads made of felt or other bulk form, choose an appropriate basis, for example, plastic balls. Then cover them with several layers of wool fibers, alternating the direction of the strata. RUB your balls with soap, making the hair matted, then rinse with water.