You will need
  • - books about the different techniques of creating jewelry.
Review the variety of existing techniques for the production of author's jewelry. Locate and review the literature on the subject. It is vast and available as books in stores, or on specialized portals on the Internet, in the form of articles, blogs, workshops that are carried out held in your people.
If you have certain skills in some of the techniques of needlework, you can safely choose a familiar path for further development of this craft. Look for the craftsmen working in close technique, and samples of their work.Learn the experience of others, propitiates ideas, try to identify the capabilities provided by the selected equipment. If starting from scratch, feel some of the techniques you closer, what decoration I would like to do with their hands.
Your basic skills that will be useful to create unique jewelry that can be crochet or knitting, embroidery, lace making, weaving beads, modeling clay and plastic materials, burning out on wood or leather, glass painting or ceramics, etc. Having specific jewelry making skills, you will be able to synthesize them and to start to do unique things.
Start to copy other people's work. This is an effective way to achieve mastery, learn the secrets of working from the inside in the process. Start with simple patterns and gradually increase level reached. Learn the intricacies of the technological process and learn it in practice. If you organize systematic training in specific technique, guaranteed to achieve good results.
Important for any kind of creativity is the ability to generate new ideas and technical solutions. Tune in to jewelry creation and as often as you can think about your hobby. Let this be professional "thing", born of delusion.Record or zarisovyval new ideas seen or come to mind. Seek inspiration from the contemplation of the masterpieces of jewelry art and from observing the elements of the perfect nature.