Change the profile settings in your mobile phone to any other. Thus, the phone will not be able to log in to the Internet as the access point provided by the operator is changed, this action affects all operators, but has one drawback. When the Internet is disconnected so you do not disable the subscription fee that you may charge the operator in accordance with the previously chosen tariff. In this case, it is best to call from your mobile phone customer service and ask them to deactivate the service.
Dial the customer support center of your operator and wait for a response of the employee. Specify the operator that you wish to refuse from the services provided WAP.
Some time after filing the mobile Internet will be disabled. Guests can also disable WAP absolutely for free. Check on your phone whether the Internet, in case you are unable to connect – WAP disabled.
Will appear in person at the service center of their mobile operator. Declares his intention to disable WAP on the phone. Provide employee identification document (as needed) and specify the number of mobile phone WAP service which needs to be removed. Wait for a response and check on your phone whether mobile Internet is disabled.
Without recourse to the employees of the cellular company WAP, for example, the company Beeline, can be disabled in the following way. Pick up the phone, insert the SIM card and activate it by entering the appropriate PIN code. Dial after the SIM is activated, the following combination of numbers: *110*180#. Hit the call button and wait for sms notification about disabling the WAP, which should arrive within a few seconds after sending the request. The same codes can access the services provided by each operator, please visit the official website or view them in the connection contract.
Go to "manage services" in the phone menu and tick the line "mobile Internet". Click on the "disable" button. However, you can send a request to the operator, who having received it, to satisfy your need. WAP will be disabled about a half-hour after the abandonment of such application.