Womanizer: a fad or a diagnosis?

Womanizer is like almost all women. They are devilishly charismatic, experienced and attractive. Polygamy is in the people mens feature which it is impossible to get rid of, however, the practice shows that even the most inveterate womanizer can make a perfect husband and a great father. First and foremost, it depends on the willingness of the men to create a family.
If a guy wants to date a woman, then keep him useless.

Also the behavior of men is strongly influenced by the world around him. Today it is fashionable to be male, macho and Casanova is among men one of the signs of success. Moreover, in a polygamous attitude to life may be to blame parents womanizer, who from childhood taught him that he is the best and not every girl is worthy of him.

And finally, the behavior of man can be directly related to his personal characteristics. Most often polygamous are temperamental cynical men who perceive a woman as an object of conquest, but no more.

How to recognize a womanizer at an early stage

Acquainted with the guy, you should pay attention to certain signs which will give you the passion of women with his head. First, womanizer sociable, energetic, socially active and are often the soul of any, even strangers. They usually like very much to dress up, go out to night clubs and other establishments where you can meet a girl and conquer another fortress.
Pay attention to the appearance of the man – catchy clothing, grooming, and jewelry often serve it to hunt for susceptible women.

Womanizers know how beautiful and florid to speak, using the speech variety of the familiar and even slightly indecent speed. Also they tend to immediately promise you a star from the sky, the house in nice stone wall in the sight of the magnificent himself. If you have his data, check social networks boyfriend, usually the pages of a womanizer full of pictures of various girls and the relevant statuses.

And never forget the basic rule – if after a stormy night the guy you do not call back, do not look for meeting with him and don't try calling, inventing for him a bunch of excuses. Most likely, you have become another victory in the list of womanizer, so move them back their dignity and find yourself a real man that will meet for real.