You will need
  • premises;
  • - start-up capital;
  • - hookahs;
  • - consumables;
  • - furniture;
  • - decor items;
  • products.
Choose a room with a good location from which depends directly on the success of your business. It can be a separate room from any establishment (café, restaurant): in this case, you'll be guaranteed to receive a steady stream of visitors. However, with proper organization and a separate hookah bar can be a popular place for a long time.
Resolve administrative issues. First of all, you need permission from the fire Department. In addition, such a business cannot be started without permits, sanitary-epidemiological service. If you plan to sell alcoholic beverages, you will need a license.
Consider the design of the hookah bar, resorting to the services of professionals. In this aspect, every detail is important: the arrangement of furniture, home decor, music, lighting, and accessories. Try to create Eastern or Asian flavor. Take care about the convenience of each subject, which will apply to the visitor. Make good ventilation.
Purchase waterpipes and consumables. In this case, it is advisable to choose a foreign manufacturer, previously studied in detail the main commercial offers of suppliers. You will also need to establish a supply of tobacco and coals.
Hire a professional hookah. Professionals are required not only to smoke and serve hookah. The staff should be able to anticipate the wishes of customers, knowing their tastes, offer an interesting combination of tobacco. In addition, the hookah, usually follow the current trends in this field and even invent own original ways.
Consider the associated menu. As a rule, the price for hookah is just a small fraction in core revenue. The main profit of your institution will bring treats and drinks. In addition to the Shisha, you can offer a variety of teas and coffee, alcoholic drinks, cocktails, Oriental sweets, dried fruits, desserts. It is worth considering that some customers may want to eat, even if food is not combined with the hookah tradition. It is therefore necessary to enter in the menu some light snacks.