You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • Skype;
  • - username of your account in the program;
  • password.
If the PC does not have Skype, download it from the Internet and run it. It is best to use the website of the program: it is free, so the necessity of searching for questionable resources is eliminated.
If the program on the computer is already there, start it. You can do this by clicking on its icon on the desktop or the quick launch icon in the start menu.
In the absence of program icons on the desktop or in "start menu" open recent full list of programs, find Skype, place the cursor on it and click on the icon and program name in the drop down menu.
A very likely scenario when the owner of the computer configured to automatically log you in your username and password each time you exit Skype. Often the option when the software automatically runs and logs the user each time the computer is turned on. In any case, you must log out of his account and log into your.
In the program window, click the inscription Skype (far left on top toolbar) and select "Exit" (second from the bottom in the drop down menu).
The program will then prompt you to select the username that you would like to login. If the number proposed is not your, enter it from the keyboard.
In the bottom of the window, note the tick against automatic login and run the program when you turn on the computer. If the first checkbox is checked, uncheck it by clicking it with the mouse. Otherwise, when you next run the program, the computer host will be in your account. Second don't touch: let things remain as convenient to the owner of the computer.
At the end of the session again, exit the program. If the computer owner is nearby, ask him again to log in to his account.