In most cases, the kitchen is not very large, so when choosing an LCD TV consider a model compact and lightweight. Pre-calculate the optimal screen size. It is easy to do, you need to multiply the length of the kitchen in feet by a factor of 6. If the distance to the monitor is 4 meters, it is recommended to take an LCD monitor with a diagonal 22 "- 24".
Because of the lack of space to install kitchen full Cabinet or a shelf for the TV would be very problematic. LCD TVs are light weight and thickness, making them easy to hang on the wall. Secure the TV to the bracket supplied or purchased separately in the store.
Color rendition and contrast of the LCD TVs modern models have reached a very large value of 600:1, 800:1. This means that the darkest areas of the screen differ from light in the 600, 800 times. Choose the largest value of this quantity and the result is a high quality transfer image.
Setting the brightness of the image is important. In order not to harm your vision, choose the model with the optimal viewing rate: 400-450 CD/m2.
Digital LCD televisions have virtually no signal distortion and screen flicker in any light, so the picture is bright, crisp and clean. Manufacturers of modern models made of the magnitude of the angle in the horizontal and vertical planes 170 degrees, which makes the image consistently perfect from any point of view.
A brand influences the product price, so choose the Golden mean: LCD Samsung TVs, Samsung, LG, Phillips have reasonable prices with good quality.
Please note that if necessary you can choose the model with additional features: FM radio, computer connection, multi-language menu, Teletext, clock, timer on and off TV, automatically controls the volume level of the sound. Serious manufacturers offer to meet your individual preferences and give the opportunity to choose the type of LCD TV that you like it.