Prepare a plan for the event. If it is connected to some important event, be sure to include holiday greetings and presenting people with a memorable date directly. Plan competitions, stages of awarding the participants.
Select the venue of the festival. Based primarily on the convenience of spectators and participants. If the event is corporate, don't have to make it on the premises. In the warm season, prefer parks and squares, in the winter it is better to take a room, for example, in the House of Culture.
Agree with local authorities about the event. Apply to use a Park or tourist area, if you want to spend the holiday on government property. If during the holiday you plan to sell alcohol, obtain permission from land owners.
Find a sponsor. Contact the leading companies of your city and try to be more convincing to explain why the event need to spend the money. Engage the business by advertising, offer promotional campaign, the distribution of the company's logo on t-shirts and Souvenirs during the festival.
Take care of the security of the party people. Organize a cordon of territory, possibly install turnstiles. Try to provide transportation of guests to the place of celebration. Select the staff who will be engaged in holiday preparation and service of invited guests. Hire drivers, waiters and DJ.
Be sure to arrange a stunning finale event. Order a performance of the popular artist, arrange the fireworks, congratulate the winners of the if competitions were held, and pronounce the closing speech.