You will need
  • - financial means;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - communication with police, ambulance, fire.
If you want to professionally organize open air, examine the very history of such events. So you will be able to extract a lot of lessons and avoid mistakes. The heyday of the open airs, by the way, took place in the 1980-ies in Ibiza.
Select concept. What you want to see, what to achieve. This will depend on the course of your actions, especially the guest list, sponsors.
It is best to agree on holding this event with the government. To do this, apply for the holding of open air in the municipality, coordinate place and time of the event, the approximate number of people.
Contact event Agency (Agency for the dispensation of the holidays). Professional services will cost substantial funds, but experienced organizers are unlikely to make mistakes, will take into account your wishes, will offer the best solution that will meet your goals and needs.
You can organize open air and alone. Since this event outdoors, in advance, review the weather forecast for the dates you are interested. Most likely, it will not be accurate. But if the forecasts of heavy rains, it is better to change. In any case, consider installation of an awning, as the technical equipment and electronics necessary to keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.
The second important point is security. Be sure to inform the police, it is best to contract a professional security agencies. Install additional turnstiles and barriers, hindering free access to the stage, divide the territory into different zones. Try to find a territory corresponding to the number of people to avoid crowding. Also a good idea to notify the emergency room. Provide a place where people can leave things without fear of theft and loss.
Nice to find sponsors who will pay, for example, free distribution of water. In return you will place their banners in prominent places or indicate their participation in the riders, booklets and other printed products.
Try to attract the attention of your interest groups for the event. For example, if you are an athletic competition – put ads on the forums Amateurs, it's an open disco – group dance schools in social networks.
Invite to the event professionals in the given field – athletes, musicians, dancers dance sport.