You will need
  • - DVD-R;
  • - the program Nero Startsmart.
There are optical disc formats that you can record information many times. This formats a CD-RW and DVD-RW. Such optical discs can be overwritten many times. Disc formats CD-R and DVD-R is supported by only a single record. But if you have a DVD-R disc on which there is still a lot of space, you can just add the information in case when the previous record was multisession is enabled (enabled by default).
In order to write information on DVD-R, you need the program Nero Startsmart. Download it and install. Run the program, and then in the upper part of its window you will see an arrow. Click on it and choose format disks that will work. If there is only a CD format, click on the arrow and select the CD/DVD.
In the menu click on the "favorites" tab. Now in the program window select "Create data DVD". A window will appear where you can add files to the record. Below is a bar that shows information about the amount of free disk space.
Right in the program window there is a button "Add". Click on it and you will see a browse window. Select the files that you need to write to disk. Follow the band at the bottom. It should not exceed the red mark, otherwise you simply will not be able to record the selected files to the disc. When all files are added, click "Next".
In the next window, any parameters need not be modified. Leave the default of all. Click "Next" and start recording. When the burn process is completed, a dialog box appears notifying you of a successful disc burning. To add information up until the disk is completely exhausted free space.
If at the beginning of the record disc dialog box appears with the error, or please insert a blank disc, so informed for your DVD-R does not use multisession. This means that to add information for this disk cannot be used.