Insert the disc with the video file in the drive. If installed, the system startup screen appears proceed disk. Click the option of "Open folder for file". If the startup not, click "My computer – Drive E (any other drive letter of your floppy drive)".
In the window that will appear is either the movie file or two folders, audio and video content of the movie. You need to select them with the mouse. Then in the left part of the window that lists the tasks that you need to click the option "Copy selected object".
It remains only to choose a save location, click "Copy", wait a few seconds and enjoy watching.
Another option – much easier. Select the files on the disk. Then press the right mouse button and from the appeared dialog box click "Copy".
Open the folder where you want to save the movie. On a blank spot then right click and select "Paste".
Those who are accustomed to work in the program Total Commander is the easiest to save the movie from the disc. You need to click on the icon representing the floppy drive, by pressing Insert (Ctrl +A) select the files on the disk you want to copy, and press F5. Plus of this method is that the film is copied much faster than in the previous two options. Pleasant viewing!