You will need
  • - pregnancy test
  • mirror
  • - mercury thermometer
  • - calendar of your menstrual cycle
Take a calendar and count how many days since the first day of your last menstrual period. If you delay with regular cycle (24 - 28 days) is the first plus in favor of a possible pregnancy. Remember that sometimes after conception after some time within one or two days you can go vaginal spotting, harbingers of a regular period. But menstruation did not occur.
Resdences to the waist and stand in front of the mirror. Carefully inspect your Breasts. In the early stages of pregnancy often women have dark halos around the nipples, and the breast becomes hard and painful.
Remember, have you experienced lately severe drowsiness, fatigue, irritability or nausea. All this indirect signs of pregnancy. However, the presence of these symptoms does not mean that you are in an interesting position. But as additional factors to the delay period, they can signal that you develop inside the fruit.
Measure basal temperature if your period is delayed for several days. To do this, take a mercury thermometer and every morning at the same time, immediately upon waking, without getting out of bed and not making any sharp movements, to measure the temperature in the rectum. Indicators record. If the temperature can reach above 37 degrees, is another sign of possible pregnancy.
Buy the test for pregnancy and use it in case of delay of menstruation. Remember that even the weak second strip on the test speaks in favor of pregnancy.
Bring a urine or blood test for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in a laboratory or medical center. This inspection will cost several times more expensive than home test for pregnancy. But laboratory analysis detects HCG by the end of the first week after conception