Advice 1: How to make a water pump

Water pump – a very necessary thing in the economy. It is particularly useful for farmers and gardeners. Of course, you can always buy Motopump in the store, thus freeing yourself from having to run back and forth through the area with water. However, you can still own hands to build a pump, thus saving a lot of amount of money.
How to make a water pump
You will need
  • - the brake chamber;
  • - balls metal;
  • - copper tube;
  • - epoxy adhesive;
  • - car camera.
Take the brake chamber, which has already served their time, and take it apart. Next, you need to secure everything well. Leave only a hole under the stock (this is top). Repeat on the opposite side of the camera down a few holes under the valves.
Take a small piece of copper or brass tube with thick walls. Pick up the ball (metal) with the same diameter, so it was a bit larger than the inner diameter of the tube. Drill the full diameter at half the length of the tube with a drill having a larger diameter than the ball.
Then place it across the hole and into the tube bulb and top solder a piece of wire. So you pitch the valve inlet. In the process of suction pressure from below will raise the ball, opening the doorway. The hole will be closed by the ball when the pressure from the top, and the wire that was soldered from the top, don't let it pop out of the pipe.
Make the exhaust valve the same way as the intake. Only between the bulb and soldered a wire you must put the spring - she will squeeze the ball to the hole. The spring will be compressed by pressure from above, which will open the valve. Next, you need to insert the valves into the holes and put them on with epoxy glue.
Next you need to take a piece of the camera car. Cut out a circle (it will serve as a membrane) on the inside diameter of the brake. Make a hole in the middle of the circle, after which stick to it on both sides of the puck. The threaded pin must be inserted into the washer, then tighten with the nuts.
Now glue to the bottom of the brake chamber the round. Connect the part of the brake chamber at the top with the bottom part, omitting the stem top into the hole. For convenience, it is recommended to stock solder pen.
Assemble the equipment with your own hands is extremely unsafe, so before using your creation, grant specialist to assess the capabilities of the design.
Useful advice
If you live near a small pond, this water pump will be a real boon for you. So, for all its simplicity of design, the unit can give pressure up to 4 atmospheres and to have a capacity of almost 100 tons per day.

Advice 2 : How to make a watermark on a photo in Paint

Watermark on the web image as the artist's signature on the painting indicates the authorship of the work. To make the watermark can be free graphic editor
How to make a watermark on a photo in Paint
Start Paint and create a new image with new command from the menu "File". Double-click on the icon "Background" on the layers panel. In the dialog box, clear the check box for the properties "Visible" background will be transparent. Add a new layer Ctrl+Shift+N or click on the icon "Add new layer" in the layers panel.
On the toolbar, click T. On the properties panel, set font type and size. The main color set white - he comes to a dark and bright background images. Write the text that you selected as your watermark.
On the toolbar select the "rectangular Selection region" or press S on the keyboard. Select a rectangle over the text and press Ctrl+X to cut the selected area. On the layers panel, click the "x" to delete the layer. Add a new layer and Ctrl+V to insert the cut piece.
Hold down the Shift key, grab the mouse one of the corner sizing handles and drag to center or from center to change the size of the label. When the size you want, press Enter. Double-click on the layer icon in the layers panel and lower the opacity to around 70. Save the image in png or pdn command "Save as" from the menu "File".
As a watermark, you can use a picture. You can create it yourself or find a ready image. Remove picture background using the tool "Magic wand". In the properties panel, set the mode to "Addition", a sensitivity about 17%. Click on the areas that you wish to remove and click Delete.
Select drawing tool "select rectangular region", then click on the keyboard M. resize the image as in section 4, but do not press Enter to around the picture was a rectangle. In the menu "Adjustments," click "black and white".
Again, activate the tool "Magic wand" in the "Add" and click on the background. In the menu edit choose the command "invert selection". In the menu "Effects" in group "Art", click the "pencil Sketch". Installation leave the default.
Then in the same menu in the "Styling" hit "Emboss" and choose the rotation angle that the picture was the most expressive. Reduce the transparency of the image and save in png or pdn.
Add watermark on image easier using the command "Import from file" in the menu "Layers".

Advice 3 : How to make a water bomb

Summer is a great time, which is perfect for fun entertainment. One of them is throwing water bombs. They are broken as the pavement and the wall or the dirt road, so you can play with these devices and on the beach and in the country. Using this weapon, you can arrange a real battle between entire teams or two people.

How to make a water bomb

How to make a simple water bomb from your bag

Take an ordinary plastic bag from under yogurt, milk or sour cream. Then dial in the tap water. Clamp the hole of the clothespin.

After that climb somewhere higher, raise a package of water over your head and feel free to throw a homemade bomb at his opponent.

How to make a water bomb out of paper

And now for something more original and more interesting. Imagine that to make a missile perhaps of paper. Take a sheet of A4 and make it a square. To do this, exactly fold the it to the corner so that the short side of the sheet is formed along the long. Smooth with your fingers or a ruler along the diagonal. Then turn the sheet and evenly fold the excess part. After that, expand it and cut in the bottom strip. You don't need.

Spread the resulting square, fold along the other diagonal and unfold again. You should now have a square with two lines of fold on the diagonal.

Flip the workpiece. Position your fingers on the 4 side edges. Then bend inward the two opposing sides so to get a double triangle.

Then fold the corners of the top layer of the workpiece to the center line. Ends products should be at the top. Similar actions follow, and with the second side of the triangle.

Bend the tabs on both sides to the Central part. Do the same on the other side of the product. Tuck the 4 corners on both sides from the center to the pockets. The same action must be done from the other side.

Water bomb is ready. Left gently to inflate the product, and then in its Central hole to pour the water. The resulting projectile must quickly use. Otherwise the paper will get soggy and the effect of the projectile will turn against you. But if you have time to quit, you will be able to admire how effectively burst your bomb.

How to make a water bomb from a ball

Take an ordinary rubber ball, preferably a round shape. Put it under the faucet and fill with cool tap water. Make sure that the fluid accumulated is not too much, otherwise the ball will be strongly stretched and torn, just before he could accomplish his task.

Gaining the right amount of water, tie the opening with thread, what would you do with inflated balloon. Instead you can use regular finger cots or rubber medical gloves. The scheme is the same: filled with water, tied, well took aim and fired. You can enjoy the effect of an exploding projectile!

Also available are sets with water bomb. In the kit there is usually a nozzle on the crane, which is very convenient to get water into the product.
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