You will need
  • - the brake chamber;
  • - balls metal;
  • - copper tube;
  • - epoxy adhesive;
  • - car camera.
Take the brake chamber, which has already served their time, and take it apart. Next, you need to secure everything well. Leave only a hole under the stock (this is top). Repeat on the opposite side of the camera down a few holes under the valves.
Take a small piece of copper or brass tube with thick walls. Pick up the ball (metal) with the same diameter, so it was a bit larger than the inner diameter of the tube. Drill the full diameter at half the length of the tube with a drill having a larger diameter than the ball.
Then place it across the hole and into the tube bulb and top solder a piece of wire. So you pitch the valve inlet. In the process of suction pressure from below will raise the ball, opening the doorway. The hole will be closed by the ball when the pressure from the top, and the wire that was soldered from the top, don't let it pop out of the pipe.
Make the exhaust valve the same way as the intake. Only between the bulb and soldered a wire you must put the spring - she will squeeze the ball to the hole. The spring will be compressed by pressure from above, which will open the valve. Next, you need to insert the valves into the holes and put them on with epoxy glue.
Next you need to take a piece of the camera car. Cut out a circle (it will serve as a membrane) on the inside diameter of the brake. Make a hole in the middle of the circle, after which stick to it on both sides of the puck. The threaded pin must be inserted into the washer, then tighten with the nuts.
Now glue to the bottom of the brake chamber the round. Connect the part of the brake chamber at the top with the bottom part, omitting the stem top into the hole. For convenience, it is recommended to stock solder pen.