You will need
  • -pipes
  • -protective mechanism against dry running (if it is not in the model of the pumping station)
  • -tap
  • tape FUM
  • -suction valve
  • -check valve
  • -clutch
  • -tap
The pump should be installed as close as possible to the water source, i.e. borehole. Room to install the station should be dry and warm. Install the equipment in areas with negative temperature values is strictly prohibited. If the room is high humidity, a box of contacts will get wet, which will lead to the failure of all functions of the unit.
Secure the pump with screwing the legs to the hard, stable surface. At work there is a strong vibration and if you do not make a secure fastening, the pump will move.
The pipe should be connect reliable, for example plastic. Via rubber hoses to run the pumping station is impossible. Pipe diameter should match the diameter of the pipe.
Assembly is performed by installing on the bore of the check valve, it is securely attached to the nozzle of the pumption of the station and from the receiving valve is mounted, the whole system of water pipes. Below in the water distribution system was not air-tubes, pipes have to do with the rise in the direction of the station. The degree of lift should not be less than 10-20 cm.
Connect the pumpNoi station, is conducted through a separate socket with earthing and with safety machines, which will protect from short circuit and, as a result, from damage.
If the model pumpand does not provide protection from dry-running, it is necessary to buy extra and install it before starting system pump. Currently, most pumption of the stations is equipped with protection system against dry-running, and carry out additional installation is not necessary.
Before starting, adjust the water supply pressure in accordance with the installation instructions. The clutch pressure should be set at the minimum value, it will allow the device less included, that will prolong its life.
Unscrew the cap on the tank, pour water, screw down the cap, Unscrew the faucet, and only then start the pump. This will release all air from the system, which was created during installation.