You will need
  • - write-protected DVD disk.
  • program CloneDVD.
To bypass the protection of such CDs is better to use special programs. One of the best programs of this kind - CloneDVD. With its help, you can copy the contents of the disk to bypass the protection. Download the app from the Internet and install it on your computer. The program is commercial but has a free trial period of use. After the installation, restart your PC.
Run the program. Since its launch tray of your optical drive will automatically open. Insert the write-protected DVD disk, click image folder, which is located in the top menu. Then use the browse to select the folder in which to save a copy of the disk. Then click on the arrow next to Copy as, select DVD.
After you click on the arrow next to the line Capaciti DVD and choose DVD-ROM from which the recorded information. This is a standard DVD-5 a total of 4.7 or larger DVD 9, the volume of which is 8.5 GB.
In the upper left part of the window there is a section called DVD content. By default, it checked all the files to be written to the hard disk. If you do not want to record all files in this list you can mark only those that you need.
After selecting all necessary settings, press "start". Will start the process of recording information disk. In most cases, all selected information is written to the hard disk. The speed of writing data to disk depends on the specific DVD as well as from your optical drive. Quite often, the program sets the speed.
After the strip process reaches 100%, the CD will be recorded. Information will be in the folder you chose to store the data.