You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - program CDRWin.
Download and install burning software discs CDRWin version 3.6 or later. Can be found on the website of the programs or Run the program on a personal computer. As a rule, after the installation icon appears on your desktop. First, you need to copy the data disk that you plan to do with protection from copying.
Insert the data disc in the drive. Using commands on the main menu and make a disk image, saving it to the hard drive. In the menu choose Record Disc option Load Cuesheet. Find the lower setting Total Disc Time (for example, 44:03:52) and remember it.
Create a false entry in the CUE description file with any text editor (a Notepad). To do this, add the CUE file строкиTRACK 01 MODE [....]INDEX 01 00:00:00Поменяйте numbered the tracks according to the contents of your file, putting the MODE the same as in the other records.
Adjust the total size of the disk time Total Disc Time, subtract two seconds. Now the last entry looks like:TRACK 02 MODE [....]INDEX 01 44:01:52
Check that the start time of the new track was still 44:03:52, to avoid crossing data. To do this, click Record Disc, the Disc Layout paragraph. Write on a blank optical disc data containing two tracks.
Sorry, for protection exists (or will exist) a way of hacking. For example, this method will not work for program Nero Burning Rom — that is, the user will copy the disc using this program if it use the same actuator. You can also store data by using special software that encrypts all content, regardless of the content, and put passwords on open files.