You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate of registration in the housing;
  • - characteristics of the residential facility;
  • - a document of title.
Specify the basis on which illegally staying persons were in the apartment. Who, and on what basis, gave them the keys? What kind of relationship with their owners or tenants of the premises? To be sure to win a court case, you will have to collect credible evidence base.
If the circumstances due to which citizens in a disputed apartment, you could not figure out, ask for help from a lawyer. If the court is not enough evidence, or your opponents will successfully prove his innocence, the meeting can take decision of question postponed. The lawyer can contact the other party, competent to make an application to the court together with you to develop a correct line of conduct in the process.
Don't try and make uninvited residents on your own, or can apply to the court for you. However some people the threat of filing the application and, especially, came in their name summons to the meeting, can act strongly enough. It is not excluded that instead of having to appear in court, illegal tenants just leave.
Alone or together with a lawyer write the statement of claim. It will include copies of documents proving your rights to the disputed flat. You will need a certificate of registration in the flat form f-9, statement of condition of premises, the document on the property right to apartment or the contract of social hiring, and other papers relating to the case.
The statement of claim and copies of documents in turn foster district court at the place of residence. If you are unable to attend meetings personally, please fill out a notarized power of attorney to a lawyer – then he will become full representatives of your interests.
Eviction of illegally living refers to the simple case and usually the court issues a positive decision on the suit. If the defendants do not Lodge an appeal, the case is referred to bailiffs who will carry out the eviction.