Click the "start" button and select "control Panel". A window will open categories of possible actions on the configuration of the system. Click "System and security" to open the list settings and access the Windows firewall. With it, you can disable the program's access to the Internet.
Click "Firewall". Opens the status window of the firewall with two groups of control ports: public and home networks. Next to these categories must be green mark — a sign that the firewall is not disabled. Find it in the tasks column at the left side of the window the link "Additional options". This will cause the window to fine-tune parameters of network filtering and control.
Check the current permissions for programs. Find a link to a list of rules for outbound connections, what is left in the management console, network security. Either scroll through the Central part of the window and there you will see links to rules for inbound and outbound connections. Follow the link and carefully review the list of rules for all applications. The point is that by default the firewall prevents any outgoing connection. And if your program has access to the Internet, you need to disable a rule that allows it.
Find the program name and double-click on the line with the rule. Opens the properties window, in which select "Block the connection". Then click OK and close the firewall.
If you can't find a rule for your program, create it yourself. In the same window outbound rules click "new rule". By default, the line marked "For". Do not change this setting and click "Next". Select the program which you want to disable Internet access. To do this, click "Browse" and select the program file.
Click "Next" when you point program. On the next screen, the settings also don't have to change anything — by default connections are blocked. Click "Next" and proceed to the next step of creating the rule. Deselect all three types of networks to exclude any possibility of communication for the program. On the next screen enter a name for the rule, for example, the name of the locking application. Click "finish" to save the changes.