You will need
  • software Kaspersky Internet Security;
  • program KidsControl.
Use the software Kaspersky Internet Security. It not only protects from virus attacks, but will block access to some programs. In the upper right hand corner of the open program click on the link that needs you to move in "Settings". In the window on the left go to "Protection".
Locate the "firewall", then click "configure...". Go to "filter Rules". In the list select the program for which you want to restrict access to the Internet. Under the list of programs, click on "Add". Then in "Network rule" must go to "Actions". Click "Block." Find Web Browsing in the section "Network service". Next, click OK. With "firewall" go to "filter Rules". Your program will be written to "Deny". Click OK. Now for the banned software no access to the Internet.
Make a restriction for children using the program KidsControl. Download it and install. In the window find the item "user Rights". Go to "Administrator" and then click "Access control panel". Deny access to control panel to users.
Create an additional user account, for example, for a child. Go to "start", find "control Panel" and click "create an account". Give it a name. The password should not be installed. In the subsection "Setting parental controls", select the desired user and to include it in the item "Parental control". Set up a group to limit the use of the Internet and prohibit the use of certain Internet services.