You will need
  • - SpeedFan;
  • - AMD OverDrive.
In that situation, when fans can not cope with the task, they need to be adjusted or replaced. Start the process of acceleration of the fan install the program SpeedFan. Note that this utility will not work with most laptops.
Run the installed program. Click the Configure button and go to the Options tab. Menu Language Russian language. Click "OK". At the bottom of the menu you will see several names of fans.
Just above is a list of the devices connected to these coolers and their temperature. Increase the speed to the desired fan button "Up". To automate the process of changing the fan speed press "Autoscroll fans".
If with the help of this program you were not able to increase the speed of rotation of coolers, but your computer is working with processor firms ADM, then install the AMD OverDrive. It can be downloaded from the official site
Run the installed program AMD OverDrive. Wait until finish scanning equipment. Find in the left column menu Fan Control and navigate to it.
By changing the position of sliders located at the bottom of the menu that appears, increase the speed of rotation of the fans. In that case, if you want to automate the procedure of change of speed of coolers, select Automatic for the fan.
To consolidate the achieved effect, click Apply. Do not close the program. Click the Preferences button located in the upper right corner of the program window. Go to the Settings menu.
Check the box next to " Apply my last settings when system boots. Press the Ok button. Close the program. Run SpeedFan and check the readings of temperature sensors.