Of course, that the meat was soft, you need to simmer-boil-fry as long as possible. If Pets have been sitting at the dining table and knocking spoons, try to pre-marinate the meat with vinegar or, for example, kvass. Great for marinating suitable and sour milk. And even the brine from the home cellar will fit.
Most experienced mistresses always keep the house mustard. This spicy seasoning will serve a good use, not only during meals but also during the cooking of meat. Coat a piece of meat with mustard and leave for 15 minutes. During this time, the fiber will become soft, and the meat will be very tender.
To make the meat soft, some Housewives are advised to squeeze into the pan with the meatm a bit of kiwi juice (or cut slices). A lot of kiwis to put is not necessary, otherwise the meat will become too soft and friable. Before cooking parts of the fruit get from meat.
If the fridge was a bottle of beer – will also make a fine tender meat: when you braise a brisket or ribs, add a bit of beer instead of broth. Will not only get a soft meat, but great taste.
Sugar. We do not think that meat can be put sugar. A little, somewhere half a teaspoon.
There are quite exotic way – when cooking meat to add to the water a couple of corks from wine. They say the meat will be very juicy.