The simplest and most convenient way is to purchase along with the shampoo conditioner of the same brand. It contains special substances that envelop the hair, do not allow water to evaporate. Unfortunately, modern conditioners-air conditioners do not always give the desired result, and the hair remain weak and lifeless.
The use of oils.
Burdock or castor oil sold in pharmacies, are inexpensive, and give long-lasting effect. There's more coconut in small amounts also gives a positive effect. However, there is a small negative – they all leave a greasy Shine on the hair. But jojoba oil helps hair become more beautiful without weighing it down. Remember: when you apply oil, pay attention not only to the hair roots and tips. You can then wrap your head in a plastic bag, rinse with shampoo after 30-40 minutes.
Decoctions, infusions, balms.
For example, a decoction of chamomile and nettle gives hair a healthy look and magnificence. And you can add to your shampoo honey (1:1 ratio) is applied for 30 minutes on hair and rinse. In the summer you can rinse your hair decoction of burdock: the plant boiled, and then infused for 30 minutes. Birch juice or infusion of birch leaves is also very effective way to moisturize hair and make them beautiful.
Moisturizing mask for hair.
In the old days was a popular bread mask – bread softened in water (or beer), the slurry is applied to the hair, head is necessary to cover with a towel, hour rinse. You can use the yolk of the egg only after you wash it, be sure to for softness, rinse your hair with water with a small amount of lemon juice. Lemon juice, by the way, can be mixed with cream (2 teaspoons), and heat in a water bath and apply to dry hair. After 20-30 minutes rinse with shampoo. Effective mask when you mix the same quantity of onion juice and aloe – however, if you need to rush to a meeting, better to postpone this procedure for the weekend. You can mix 1 spoon of honey 1 spoon of vegetable oil and egg yolk - this mask not only moisturizes hair but also make it shiny and beautiful.