If we talk about homemade moisturizer for hair, it's the most affordable and simple:


Hydration means water. It's very simple! If there is not enough moisture, therefore, not enough water. Water must be present in the daily care and diet. During the day drink more water - this tip is useful even for the hair, not just for weight loss. Adequate hydration of the body will allow the night to draw from the skin and locks in moisture.

Aloe Vera

Rightfully aloe Vera can be called a natural moisturizer and pH balancer for hair. No matter what you choose gel or juice. The properties will be the same. Add aloe Vera in conditioners, sprays used on the night.


Glycerin helps to attract moisture from the environment, not allowing your own moisture to evaporate. Glycerin is sold in every pharmacy. You can add it to conditioners, shampoos, sprays for the hair. Try before bed is a simple recipe: to water add glycerin, cap the mixture into a spray bottle, treat hair. Enough to drip a few drops of glycerin in a water bottle. Such natural moisturizers include honey before going to bed to use honey spray (water mixed with honey).


Plant oils have moisturizing properties. At night you can use and heavy oils, if in the morning you plan to wash your hair. Heavy oils include coconut oil, avocado and olive. Select "dry oil" if you want to keep its moisture, it does not weigh down the hair, does not make fat.