Flash in modern cameras, whether built-in or plug-in is a device consisting of a pulsed xenon lamp and a control chip. When the camera sends a signal to the flash lamp flashes with its estimated capacity and the length of the light pulse.

If you are using a compact camera, and the built-in flash does not work - check whether the selected shooting mode. If the survey is performed in the modes, for example, "Night photography", "Children", "Animals", "Landscape", then it is likely that they prohibited the use of flash. Turn the automatic mode, often denoted by the letter "A" and make a test frame. It should be noted that the flash will not be activated if you're shooting in bright light, the camera can easily cope without it.

In many models there is a function forced off the flash is fired, even if that provided by the default settings in any shooting mode. Locate the housing of your camera icon button in the form of lightning. With it you can force to disable or enable the flash. If the button is not provided, enter menu of the camera and check the settings.

When using an external flash make sure it belongs to a system that is compatible with your camera. When possible, use flash and cameras of the same manufacturer – this ensures their accurate and advanced features usage.

Before connecting the flash to the camera, turn it on and use the "Test" button, if there is any design. So you'll immediately obtain information regarding a burned out bulb.

If the external flash works without a camera, but not functioning properly after connection, check the settings of her work in the menu of the camera and in the settings on the body of the flash. It is desirable to transfer the settings to the same metering mode and synchronization. The most common and uncompromising is the "TTL" and its variants.

During continuous shooting and the frequent use of the flash on a very strong power consumes a large amount of energy. Over time, cycle charge the flash before use will become slower and may take a few seconds. To complete a full charge, the flash may not fire. Make sure it is ready to shoot an light indicator.

Flash can also have a physical malfunction. Do not disassemble the camera or the flash alone is a complex device, with many small and fragile parts that are easily damaged. Take advantage of the photo service.