You will need
  • - special cleaning products("Antinagar", "Somovit");
  • tool for cleaning pipes "Mole";
  • - the pelvis;
  • - plastic film;
  • - big pot;
  • soda;
  • - paper glue;
  • - soap flakes;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - apron;
  • - sand;
  • - brush for dishes.
Use special cleaning products. For example, "Antinagar", "Somovit" and others. Read the instructions carefully, otherwise you can ruin the pan. And always wear gloves before applying. To eliminate much chronic coke use to clean the pipes "Mole". Put the pan in a bowl, fill it with this tool and close the plastic wrap for a few hours. Typically, this method is very effective, but after this procedure, thoroughly rinse the pan under running water.
Take a large saucepan and put it on the fire. Add three cups of baking soda, one or two bottles of paper glue and soap flakes. Mix thoroughly. Then put in the pan of the pan, which you need to clean up, and leave it there to boil for about two hours. While the solution is still hot, pull the pan. In the end, the soot has to go black flakes. Before purification of carbon be sure to wear rubber gloves, apron and open the Windows in the apartment.
Pour into a pan some sand to hid the bottom of the vessel. Put it on a medium fire for about 12 hours. After this calcination, the adhesion of carbon to the surface of the pan will weaken, and then it will be possible to clean it the conventional mechanical method (a steel scrub brush or a special brush on metal, etc.). This method of getting rid of coke suitable for iron, copper or aluminium-silicon pans without non-stick coating.
Put the pan on the coals cooled in the furnace. See that she is not melted. If the soot layer is not very large, then after 5-10 minutes it should fall off. This method cannot be applied to pans with thin walls or with a layered bottom. Try to get rid of soot by putting the pan in the dishwasher. Turn it on maximum temperature. After a few cycles, the carbon must be cleaned without much difficulty(if the pollution is small). Pans made from aluminium, this method is prohibited.