You will need
  • - cast iron skillet;
  • oil;
  • - sponge for washing dishes.
Wash a cast iron skillet before the first use with hot water and wipe dry. On the bottom sprinkle salt layer of one centimeter and calcined in oven for one hour. Then remove the salt, and the surface of the pan grease with vegetable oil.
Wash the pan after use and coat the clean surface with vegetable oil or fat. It is especially important to do so if the cooking took place with a large amount of liquid. Boiling water or broth, formed during cooking, reduces the useful properties of the working surface. Care of dishes will help keep her cooking ability and prolong the service life of the pan. To do this, grease the working surface and put the pan on low heat. The oil should be "attached" to the cast iron.
Wash the pan with hot water, using a soft kitchen sponge or loofah. Immediately after washing, wipe the dishes dry or dry it on the stove. With a small contamination of the working surface, you can use non-aggressive detergents in liquid form. If the burnt food residue is impossible to remove so use soda. In the dishwasher wash cast iron pans is very undesirable – it destroys the non-stick layer.
When using pans made of cast iron you don't have to wash her burnt food residues. Cookware heats slowly, the thermal conductivity of metal is very small. The value of iron products that when heated, the heat will be evenly distributed and will remain for a long time. Frying pan from cast iron is perfect for cooking those dishes that require long heat treatment. It does not fade, do not scratch, will last a very long time.