You will need
  • computer with Internet access
Carefully inspect the page. You can usually subscribe to RSS icon. RSS icon is easy to learn point and two half-arches. A subscription to RSS feed post in a conspicuous place at the top of the page.
Often, but not necessarily to denote RSS uses orange tones, as well as a traditional square or round shape icon. But you should not rely solely on this form. Recently more and more appears hand drawn RSS icons in the shape of various objects, food and animals.
Even the RSS website can be found in the inscriptions along the following lines: "follow the news via RSS", "RSS feed", "FEED subscription". These labels can be buttons with links to our RSS feed.
If visual RSS can't find, type in the search box to the standard search query: http://название website /rss and hit Inter.
To learn an RSS site, you can use one of the following formats search:http://name/ website ?feed=rsshttp://name / website ?feed=rss2http://name / website ?feed=rdfhttp://name / website ?feed=atom
To learn and at the same time to subscribe to the RSS feed of the site you can use there are special programs for reading RSS feeds. One of the advantages of such programs is the ability to find all RSS feeds need a website. To do this, simply enter the name of the online resource, all the rest of the program will find itself.
And the final way to read RSS of a site is to do a query in any search engine. Write the name of the site and add RSS.