Run Notepad and enter the text:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1251"?>
< rss version="2.0">RSS-feed must start with a similar code.
He indicates that this is a document in XML format and it is created for version 2.0.
Below have the <channel></cnannel>. Among them will be information about our tape of the news, title, website link, description of the channel and directly news.
After the tag <channel> email:
<title>Title of your feed news. In fact, its name</title>
<link>Link to your website</link>
<description>Briefly describe your news feed. For example, "news from around the world, advances in science and technology.</description>
<lastBuildDate>Here, specify the last modified date of your RSS feeds. The date must be specified in the RFC 2822 format. If you can't convert a date in this format, use an online service</astBuildDate>Memo entry date:
1) enter the date in the English language;
2) format date weekday, date, Month, Year, Time";
3) Sun – Sunday, Mon – Monday, Tue – Tuesday, Wed – Wednesday, Thu – Thursday Fri – Friday Sat - Saturday.
Between the tags <item></tem> will be each news or announcement.
It should look like this:
<title>Title of the announcement, the title of the first article and so on</title>
<link>be Sure to include the link to the full text of the article or announcement in the format </link>
<description>Text of the news. In this case, you can specify the preview of the article or its beginning, to place the most interesting facts, which should engage the subscriber</description>
<pubDate>Enter the date of the news publication.</pubDate>
Do not publish many titles. Optimally, if pure announcements in the RSS feed will not exceed 10.
In addition, when you create RSS feeds you can use the optional tags that reflect, for example, the author of the news:
1. <author>email почты (and the alias of the author)</author>
2. <comments>http://ссылка on the comments page for this article</comments>
3. <language>language tape news, such as EN-us</language>
4. <copyright>Actually, the copyright</copyright>
5. <author>the name of the Creator of the RSS feed</author>
6. <image> <url>Reference to the icon for your tape or picture</url></image>
At the end of the document type tags
Save the file under any convenient name in the Latin alphabet. When saving select "all files" and add the extension nazvanie.xml. You can rename the file, changing the extension after you save it in txt format.
Add the file using, for example, an ftp client to your website. Place a link to your file in a conspicuous place, add it to the services of the rss feed that users can subscribe to your news feed.
In order to know how many people have subscribed to your rssfeed, use the handy service from Google ( and place it on your site already modified a link.
You can create rssfeed and upload it to the website and using a range of handy programmes, such as:
1) Feed Editor;
2) Feed Mix;
3) RSS Wizard;
4) and others.