You will need
  • The Internet address of the desired newsfeed.
If you want to install to your website the RSS feed, first choose an appropriate theme. Many sites offer their news feeds. It may be world news, science news, sport, fashion or even a news channel of your hometown. Tape choice depends on the topic of your personal site.
After selecting a site with suitable feed, look on the website the ability to copy the code of the RSS feed. Typically, the code link is next to the news feed called "Install our feed on your site." Click on the link and follow the instructions to install the code on your website. If you can't find the code news on the website, most likely, this tape is copied from another source, and you should go look for him.
If you are unable to find the code for RSS feeds on the website or you do not understand the installation instruction, use one of the services to generate codes news feeds. For example, on the website simply insert a link with the address of any tape in the box and click the button "Read/get the code". After reloading the page, you will receive a code that must be installed on the site to read news. And also you can just read the information of the selected tape. The service allows you to display RSS feeds.
If you want to add the ability to subscribe to news and to set the counter of the subscribers use FeedBurner from Google. For service required for the registration in Google. After entering your personal Cabinet you must enter the address of the news feed and get the new address formatлента_новостей. Further, it can be used to generate codes and counters that are installed directly on your website. The account running the wizard to create a RSS-feed, which greatly simplifies the code generation process.