The main criterion to consider when choosing a skateboard, this is the material from which it is made. Remember that the most strong, durable and flexible boards are made from canadian maple.
The length of the skateboard has no special value for children and beginners in the sport. But if your child is much larger and higher than their peers, choose a skateboard for him any longer.
But the width of the skateboard for a child – this parameter is quite significant. If your child is relatively short, and the size of his legs not bigger than other guys his age, choose his skateboard, the width of which does not exceed 7.5 inches. The most appropriate options for the stalwart skateboarders is a Board with a width of up to 8 inches.
Only when your child completely mastered the basics of skateboarding, pick the width of the Board for him depending on riding style. If your child is crazy like "cool" skateboard, prefer narrow, more maneuverable Board. If he makes excellent slides and is engaged in jumping off of stairs, choose for the young athlete sustained a wide skate. Versatile medium width Board – 7.75 in.
Each skateboard has its own expiration date. Therefore, choosing it for a child, give preference to the Board made in the current year. Remember that the longer the skate is stored, the more it is deformed.
Make sure that the surface you liked skateboard is completely flat. To do this, lift the skate and look at it from the end. In this position of the Board you will notice all the irregularities on its surface.
When choosing a skateboard for a child, please note the suspension parts that connect the wheels to the Board. Prefer aluminum suspensions with steel rods.
Wheels good skateboard for a child need not be too hard. The harder the material of which they are made, the higher the speed of the skate, but worse than his grip for skating.