Advice 1: How to choose a scooter

Living conditions in the city affect the choice of transport we use. Against the backdrop of endless traffic jams, the hustle and bustle of buses and minibuses particularly advantageous option is scooters. To choose a suitable, you need to pay attention to several parameters.
How to choose a scooter
Determine for the user what age can you buy scooter. The decision to save and buy one car for the whole family is unlikely to be correct. For children who are just beginning to explore this vehicle, it is better to choose a model with three wheels. This will allow the child gradually to learn to keep balance and avoid many injuries. To stay at this scooter too long is not worth it – go to a two-wheeled have about a year, not later, otherwise the child can be stuck in your fear to transfer to a more adult and difficult to manage the car. Therefore, the first scooter you can save money by purchasing a model made of plastic, the material will wear out just to the point when he would no longer be needed.
When choosing traditional scooters, two-wheeled, pay attention primarily on the wheel. Matters their size – the larger the wheel, the higher the driving speed, but at the same time, reduced maneuverability. This model will fit adult confident in their abilities rider. The width of the tire (not to be confused with the diameter) is directly proportional to the stability of the scooter. The material from which made the wheel is also important. Plastic wheels are rare, usually in children or cheap models. They will last for a very long time and fit to drive on a perfectly flat surface. Polyurethane wheels vary in hardness. The higher the number, the more sensitive you will clash with the stones and potholes on the road. Soft wheels will negate this inconvenience, but on perfectly smooth asphalt, of course, lose more rigid. The universal can be called wheels with pneumatic tires, they will pass on a variety of roads and even on light off road (sand and grass).
There are scooters with adjustable and nereguliruemaia the height of the handlebars. The last option you should choose, if you purchase a scooter for a child (then the machine will grow along with it) or assume that the use of the purchase will be a few people.
The choice of a folding model or a fully static design also depends on your needs. Folding scooter is easier to carry in transport, to store in an apartment with lack of space and lift to the desired floor.
The stock brakes on this vehicle, oddly enough, necessarily. For children it is better to prefer scooters with foot brake. Since manual they can push too hard, fearing a precarious situation on the road – it will lead to injury. For adults, the ideal would be a combination of both types of brakes.
And finally, a few minor but nonetheless important details. The wheel of the scooter should be covered with a non-slip material to prevent slippage of the hands can special limiters on both sides. The same requirements apply to the platform. In addition, children's scooters and can be installed for more boards to the leg while driving are not slipping.
Plastic is easier, but not reliable and less durable. Better to choose a scooter with a metal or aluminum frame, then it will last longer and won't break at the most inopportune moment. Well, when the wheel children's scooter is height adjustable — then this wonderful car can "grow" with your child.
Useful advice
For a toddler you can choose a plastic three-wheeled vehicles for adults and older children it is better to choose two-wheel scooter, made of aluminum. To buy first scooter-the child is already two years, however, such vehicle must fit its owner. Scooter should be bright and cheerful, you can also choose safe three-wheeled model.

Advice 2: How to choose a scooter for an adult

Scooter is not only a great baby gift on birthday, but also a practical means of transportation in the modern metropolis. What you should consider when purchasing a scooter for adult?
How to choose a scooter for an adult

What types are the scooters?

There is a huge range of scooters. The scooters differ from each other not only in appearance but also its purpose.

On the way drive scooters are divided into two groups: urban and trick.

Urban scooters are the most popular. This is because residents of big cities use them in their daily lives.

Same stunt scooters are distinguishable from all other types for its simplicity, durability and manufacturability. They are great for stunts, but to move around the city on them is not so easy.

On purpose scooters are also divided into two large groups: three-wheeled and two-wheeled.

Three-wheeled scooters are ideal for children from one year to three years. They are durable, but light, enabling the child to cope with the management.

Two-wheeled scooters are perfect for children from three to ten years and adults.

The advantages of using scooters

Riding the scooter requires no special skills. Moving through the metropolis at this fixture, you can greatly save your time. It is a compact vehicle, and it is easy to learn to operate.

While riding the scooter to work actively the muscles of the body, because of this, the scooter is a great way to keep yourself in good shape.

What is the difference between adult scooter from the children's?

Adult scooters are different from the children the fact that their speed can reach up to 20 km/h. Their design is made from metal, they are foldable and they're convenient to travel in the metro or other public transport.

Adult scooter can withstand weight up to 100 kg. It can be used as for recreational walking and active sports.

Adult scooters used not only outdoors, but indoors. To move on they do quickly and quietly.

Tips for choosing a scooter

When choosing a scooter for adult is not only the right to determine the type of vehicles, but also to assess the reliability of the design of the device.

Metal two-wheeled scooter that can withstand any weight of the driver, ideal for adults. Thanks to its metal construction it will last more than one year.

Choosing a scooter, you need to pay attention to the width of the soundboard. Deck – a platform for feet. It is best to take the scooter to the average width of the soundboard, it will provide a comfortable ride. Important and its length. It has an impact on maneuverability and speed. Should give preference to scooters with a short deck.

And the height of the deck depends on how much you spend power to gain speed. The lower deck, the easier it is to do.

You should pay attention to the wheels. More comfortable are the soft wheels, but they quickly come into disrepair. Hard wheels are less comfortable, but will last longer.
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