Timely acquisition of new skills is a sign of normal physical development. However, a child is born with weak bone joints and muscular system, so they need to strengthen and develop. Do this for baby a daily massage, gymnastics, water procedures, arrange him sun and air baths. These measures are the basis of the full physical development of the baby.
Often kids are trying to flip or roll over on his back in one direction only. But since baby a weak spine and is easily deviated, it is necessary to develop symmetrically. So to teach babies to roll equally to both sides, with 3-4 months start to perform special exercises.
In the supine position, hold him by the right arm and leg and carefully turn on his side and back. In the same way, perform the exercise on the opposite side. Then make a smooth coup with her back to the side and then to the stomach. Let him soak for several minutes and return it to its original position on his back. Perform equally in both directions.
In addition to gymnastics can teach a baby to roll from back to belly with bright toys, preferably with sound, so it attracted attention. Show first one side and then the other. Keep her at arm's length of the baby, that he was able to touch it.
Next, move the toy to the left hand of the baby, and pull it to the right side and observe his reaction. If he reaches for it, go ahead. If not, at this stage of development exercises enough. But continue to follow them daily during the waking of the baby. And as soon as he starts to reach for the toy, help him to gently pull the left handle to turn right-side up and Vice versa.
To teach a baby to roll over from stomach to back, and also show him a bright toy. Hold it up to the right and slowly pull back. Reaching for her, the baby will turn.