Immediately after feeding put the baby on your back is not recommended. The ideal solution is to first hold the baby vertically so he spit up the swallowed during eating the air. Then better to put him to sleep on his side. He baby this situation is, of course, not be able to keep. It is necessary to enclose the roller under the back. You can buy a special pillow for those purposes, and it is possible to enclose the folded diaper. Ensure that the child slept alternately on different sides, then the muscular system will develop symmetrically.

Position on the belly for a newborn should be avoided. The child is still not able to lift and turn his head, so easy to bury your nose in bed, hindering his breathing. Generally, put the baby on the stomach it is necessary: it increases intestinal peristalsis, which helps to reduce colic. Furthermore, it is in position on a stomach the child learns to hold and rotate the head. To do this it is necessary to awake the baby. And sleep on his tummy initially, it's best not to stack.

Swaddle a child – each mom. Before the birth of their own baby you can be a staunch opponent of swaddling. But when he is born, becomes understandable how it is better to sleep. Some children can't calm down and sleep until they firmly swaddled. And some great sleep in the sliders and raspashonok. So, first of all, focus not on the advice of mothers and grandmothers, and how comfortable you and your child.

In the room where you put the newborn to sleep, should be cool and humid. Mucosa baby is very sensitive and is configured to work on the air, so if the air is dry, the kids have easy starts in the cold. Excessive mucus in the nose of the baby is attempt of an organism to cope with the dry air. You can purchase a special humidifier. But remember that it periodically needs to be cleaned, since in a moist environment, bacteria multiply rapidly. You can do without the humidifier, just bed wet towel on the battery. It is especially important to humidify the air during the period when heating is on: battery is very dry air in the room. To put a crib next to the battery is not recommended. So the child may overheat.

In the period immediately after birth the baby's body is in the so-called watchdog mode: the child, though he hears sharp sounds (even during sleep), but not react to them. Eventually he will start sleeping more sensitive. So seek a middle ground in the level of noise during sleep baby. On the one hand, to tiptoe around the apartment is not worth it, you can do your usual household chores. On the other, to loud music and noise especially also is not necessary, it is harmful effect on the nervous system of a growing organism of the child. The baby needs to get used to the background noise that is always there in every apartment: a washing machine, for example.

Thus, the baby sleeping better to lay on its side, tucked under the back of a small roller. In the room where the child sleeps, there must be an optimal noise level, the room temperature should not be high, and the air is better to moisturize.