You will need
  • UTP cable, two end RJ-45. Crimper or knife and flat screwdriver.
Make sure you have prepared all the necessary operation materials and tools. The minimum set of materials should consist of the right length cable type "twisted pair" (UTP-cable) and two bits RJ-45. Tools stock cutting tool (e.g., knife or blade) and a flathead screwdriver. If you have the opportunity to borrow from someone or buy a special crimping tool ("tool"), then do it - its presence will greatly simplify the whole process and will seriously enhance the quality of the resulting connection.
Remove the outer layer of plastic insulation on a length of 12.5 millimeters (it corresponds to half inch) from both ends of the cable. The crimp tool for this operation there is a special groove of the desired length and suitably reinforced blade - insert into the groove end of the cable, pinch the handle and rotate the tool (crimper or cable what you prefer). In the absence of a tool half an inch, measure with a ruler or attach the tip - this distance corresponds to the length. In removing the plastic braid may help stretched within many types of this cable nylon thread - pulling it to the side you can penetrate the outer shell without damaging the insulation of the internal wires.
Rasplatita each of the four twisted pairs and arrange them in the correct sequence for each of the connectors it will be different. If numbered wiring from left to right, then a tip should be first conduit with orange and white markings, the second is orange, third - green and white, the fourth blue, the fifth with white-blue sixth - green seventh - white-brown, the eighth - brown. For the second tip, the first should be white-green, second green, the third orange and white, the fourth blue, the fifth is white-blue, sixth - orange, seven - white, the eighth – brown wire.
Insert the transaction in the sequence in each of the tips. At the tip of the numbering from left to right is correct, if it is to turn plastic latch on the body up and contacts - to ourselves. Strip wires before insertion is not required - when you can draw them to lock the respective connectors in each groove of the fork will penetrate the insulation and ensure a good contact with the braided wire.
Crimp each plug. In crimper for this operation there is a special groove - insert the plastic tip and push the handle of the tool. If this wonderful device is not, then do this separately for each contact using a screwdriver, gently pushing it. You then need to push the plastic part at the base of the tip. The procedure is completed.