You will need
  • - the documents stipulated by the legislation;
  • - a good level of training.
Make sure that you meet the requirements of future lawyers. You must have higher legal education from an accredited University or academic degree in the legal profession. In addition, the necessary legal experience, at least 2 years or an internship in a law education from 1 year. In this case, you must be fully competent and have no criminal record for an intentional crime.
Here is a list of questions for the exam to become a lawyer. It is approved annually by the Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation. Since the list is very extensive, it is better to start preparing for the exam before you take the following steps.
Please see the qualification Commission of lawyer chamber of the subject of Federation at the place of residence. Bring back a statement on the status of a lawyer. Imagine required documents: a copy of an identity document; a questionnaire with biographical information; copy of employment record or other document for confirmation of experience; a copy of the document of higher legal education or degree. The application form and questionnaire were approved by law. In cases stipulated by law may be required and other documents.
On the appointed day the Commission will appear for the exam, submit a document proving the identity. The test comprises written and oral parts. If the written part do well, you will be asked to pull the ticket for the second part. Possible answer correctly. In addition to the issues mentioned in the ticket, you may be offered additional.
Find out the result of the exam on the same day. Wait for the decision of the qualification Commission on the status of a lawyer.
Bring the oath of an attorney and will receive the coveted "crust" in the manner prescribed by the chamber.