Advice 1: How to remove gas meter readings

Payment of utilities in accordance with the actual amount consumed per month gas becomes possible, if you install in your house or apartment gas meter. This variant of the calculations in the housing sector for many was more acceptable than the usual fee rates. However, to understand how to make a payment under the new system, it will be necessary to spend some time.
How to remove gas meter readings
You will need
  • receipt of payment for services of gas supply, sent monthly;
  • - the gas meter readings at the moment (end-index);
  • - the gas meter readings at the time of payment for the previous month (the starting index);
  • - rate this month for the gas supply.
Wait for a local organization that provides services for the supply of natural gas, will send you a receipt of payment. Some of the graphs in this payment document you will find blank - to make a payment, you will need to enter the appropriate values and make the calculation yourself. So let us turn to the actual count rate and the amount of gas that you spent in the current month.
Open the vandal-proof metal door of the gas meter (it is available on many models of this device) and look at the screen. You will see a series of numbers, the first five of which indicate an integer number of cubic meters of consumed gas (before the comma), then tenths, hundredths and thousandths. For a monthly payment for the supply of natural gas is necessary to fix five numbers, rounding the amount of consumed cubic meters of gas to as much as.
Take again the receipt of payment you find the column "final rate". This should fit you recorded the readings of the meter. In the column "initial rate" to enter the readings of the meter, which were final at the time of payment in the last month - you can see them in the same receipt ("last testimony of metering devices").
Subtract from the value of the final index value initial index and thereby obtain a gas flow rate for the current month. In accordance with this value and need to pay. To calculate the amount, see what the rate specified in the receipt - that's how much it will cost you one cubic meter of gas. Accordingly, multiplying this value by the already calculated consumption, you know how much you paid this month's gas and what amount you need to specify in the receipt before you will be able to pay utilities.
Useful advice
Before going to enter meter readings and the total amount of the receipt, check again the correctness of your calculations, for reliability use a calculator.

Advice 2: How to read the meter

For metering of electricity and charging for its use is required monthly to take readings of electricity meters. In most cases, the problems to read the meter, the residents of private or apartment houses does not arise.
How to read the meter

According to the rules of public services, citizens have the right to take readings from their own meter on their own, but not less than once every six months to ensure that the admission officers of the management company to monitor and readings with observatorna and individual meters.

Removing to read the meter yourself, you must write off all the numbers that you see — from the first to the last numbers in the series. Standard counters one full turn, which is a registering mechanism, the equivalent of ten thousand kilowatts per hour. Therefore, in order to know the amount of payment for consumed electricity (in most cases, the estimated period of one month), you need to know the electricity consumption of the month (by subtracting the readings of a month ago from the figures obtained at the end of the billing period), and then multiply the resulting amount by the rate.

Many people who want to read the meter yourself, doubt the accuracy installed in the measuring device. Modern meters will have accuracy class 2.5. Accuracy class — index of the possible error of a measuring instrument. In this case, accuracy class 2.5 means that even healthy housing electricity meter can display actual consumption of 100kW as 97.5, and 102.5 kW. Even with some congestion serviceable counters always operate within the accuracy class.

Also some citizens worried by the fact that the disk of the meter rotates, even in cases when all appliances in the house or the apartment are disconnected from the network, considering it a sign of faulty meter. In fact, we should not forget about the electric calls, which are now installed in almost every apartment. These devices consume electricity constantly, regardless of calling someone at the door or not. Therefore, the slow rotation of the disc should not be alarming, so it is not a sign of faulty meter.


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