You will need
  • - Everest;
  • - Sam Drivers;
  • - access to the Internet.
Install Everest (AIDA). Boot installation files from the official developer site Restart the computer and run the file everest.exe
Wait until the program will collect information about the connected devices and their parameters. This process usually takes 2-3 minutes. After opening the main menu, expand the submenu "Display".
Select "Windows Video" and locate the "device Description". Find out the model of the connected video adapter. If the program Everest are unable to determine the model of the installed graphics card, use other ways.
The manual for your laptop. Sometimes the description of the key devices even listed on the box of the computer.
If you have not found the right information, you can find out the model of the laptop. Visit the website of the manufacturer of this product. Use search online and look for a description of this model. Remember that you must type the full name because similar models of mobile computers can be equipped with various devices.
If you do not want to find out the card model and look for drivers for the hardware, download and install the Sam Drivers. After installing the utility, run the file runthis.exe.
In the shortcut menu, select "Install drivers Driver Install Assistance". Wait until detect the connected devices and select appropriate drivers. Point associated with the card, such as nvidia video others new.
Click the "Install selected" and select "typical install". After the completion of installation of the drivers restart the computer. Open device Manager, find the submenu "display Adapters" and look for the model of your graphics card.