You will need
  • - paint roller
  • - cuvette
  • - brush
  • - the pin for the cushion
  • - water
Latex paints come in Matt, satin and glossy. What kind of paint will you prefer will depend on your taste. But we must remember that it is not a smooth ceiling will not be decorated with gloss paint, and will allocate all its shortcomings. Matte painting, on the contrary, partially hiding his flaws. Therefore, it is necessary to take seriously the elimination of all defects in the ceiling.
To do this, dilute the ceiling and clean it. Repair the joints with plaster or putty. If in some places there were cracks, then stick them on the construction of the bandage (serpyanku). Treat the entire ceiling with a primer of deep penetration, allow to dry the ceiling for 2 hours and zashpaklyuyte it. Then carefully scuff the ceiling again and treat it with soil
If the ceiling is enough "decent" and not in need of repair, then just rinse it with warm water and sponge and finish with soil. Allow it to dry and only then can you begin to paint the ceiling.
For painting the ceiling you will need a cushion. Paint ceiling brush, long and uncomfortable. Rollers come with long pile, medium pile and plush with a very short NAP. You should note that the ceiling is better to paint with a roller with a long NAP. It takes more paint than a short or velour pile, and you don't have no end to dip the roller into the cuvette (paint tray) with paint.
If the manufacturer recalls that the paint should be diluted (typically 5 - 10 %), then add the paint water and how should her stir. But if there is no such reminder, then do not dilute it, so the paint is ready for use. Mix thoroughly in a jar and pour into the cuvette.
Start painting from the corner of the ceiling or from a window and gradually move into the room. Dip the roller in paint and roll it on the surface of the cuvettes, in order to get rid of excess paint. To start, you should paint over the junction of the ceiling. Place the cushion to the perimeter walls and the ceiling and carefully paint mascara on this place. Then try to lightly move the roller over the surface of the ceiling, first lengthways and then across. Thus, you will shade (splatter) paint, and it will fall evenly on the area that you paint. Press the roller evenly, increase the pressure for the consumption of the paint. To make sure that the paint covered the ceiling, stand back, and look for gaps. The light that falls from the window on the painted ceiling, showing this deficiency, and you will notice the gaps. Paint the not dyed place immediately, do not wait until the paint dries. If you do not, it can lead to the fact that the ceiling will be painted with stains. If there are no gaps, continue painting the ceiling and don't forget to wet the roller in the paint.
Once you have painted the ceiling at a time, allow it to dry. On Bank with paint manufacturer recommends, what time need for complete drying of the ceiling. Do not try to violate these tips. Wet the first layer of paint can be separated from the ceiling, if it put the second layer. Such problems will affect the quality of your work. The second painting of the ceiling does not begin from a window, but rather to the window. Thus, you insure yourself from the fact that the ceiling will not be painted.
You should also draw your attention to something that should not be very wet the roller in the paint. The paint will flow on the floor and on the ceiling can form stains. If such a thing has happened, immediately remove the excess paint from the ceiling with a semi-dry roller and blend in this place. After finishing the paint work wash hands and tools with warm water.