You will need
  • yarn;
  • - the spokes;
  • measuring tape;
  • - pins.
Before you begin knitting, choose the right yarn. For example, let it be the multi-colored remains of the soft wool of medium thickness or a special blended yarn designed for babies.
Dial on the spokes 33 loop (dialed number should be equal to 16 cm, which corresponds to the measured volume of the foot at the ankle of a newborn). After that, the next 14 rows (this is three centimeters) provarite garter pattern, that is, all rows have to crochet through the front loops. Then 4-6 rows provarite stocking pattern (stocking pattern is a sequence of facial and purl rows).
Divide the knitting into three parts. In the event that one or two loops would be superfluous, add them to the middle part. Then continue to knit.
Provarite facial first eleven hinges (right side), then provarite the middle part. Turn the knitting to the wrong side and again provarite the middle part. To make it easier to knit the right and left parts, remove the pins.
Work turn on the front side and, starting from the next row, promazyvaya just loops the middle part. Vyvazhivanie the "tongue" is near done wrong.
From the Central part to the right side edge of the hinge "tongue" enter one additional loop. Then turn the knitting to the wrong side and provarite loop right side, previously tossing them with pins on the needle.
Booties continue to knit in the following sequence: loop right side loop, which is drawn from the edge, the middle part and looped edging. After that, just provarite the left side.