State the number and date of the payment order. If you provide the document in paper form, the field "payment type" is not filled. If you transfer tax by mail or telegraphically, it shall be marked with the value "Mail" or "Telegraph". When making payments via the Client-Bank write - in "Electronic". Fill in the "filing Status" by checking for a legal entity with the value 01. In the line "Amount in words" write the amount of tax on the propertyspecified in the Declaration. The amount capitalized, the word "ruble" and "kopek" are not reduced, the number of cents written numerals. Enter the INN and KPP of your organization is a payer, according to the issued certificate and notices on statement on the account in tax Department.
List the amount of the tax figures in the "Amount" field when writing the amount of RUR separated from the number of cents sign "-". Next, select the account number of your organization, information about your Bank-the payer, specify the BIC and the offset account in the relevant rows.
Enter information about the beneficiary Bank, enter its name, BIC and Bank account. In the corresponding row write the name of divisions of management of Federal Treasury in your region and account number indication on in parentheses. A sample entry would be: UFK of the Russian Federation in Moscow (IFNS Rossii №18 on VAO Moscow) account 40100770018. Enter the INN and KPP of the beneficiary. Their meanings and the name is usually reported to the taxpayer by the tax authority where it is registered.
Enter the ten-digit budget classification code for input tax (on property not within the Unified gas supply system it will be the following: 18210602010021000110). Specify the rcoad code of your municipal education (to be completed in accordance with the codes OKATO). Select the index base payment (TP - current payment), the rate of the tax period (SQ.04.2011 - the quarterly payment for the 4th quarter of 2011), no document for the current payment is set to 0. In the next column write the date of signature of the Declaration by the taxpayer, in the column "payment Type", specify the letter code of the NA - the payment of the tax.
In the line "Purpose of payment", specify the additional information needed to identify the payment . For example: "the tax on property of organizations on property not within the Unified gas supply system according to the revised Declaration for the 4th quarter of 2011." After filling in the document carefully check all its details, sign the payment order the chief accountant and the Director, put the seal of the organization.