To acquire a better knife in a specialized Department and not in the gift shop. First, the range there is much more and secondly, all goods are certified.
Going to the store, don't forget to read some literature about knives to learn more about the various models, their purpose, and maybe about the legends associated with them.
Picking up a knife, think about what the birthday boy likes. Perhaps he enjoys fishing or hunting, then it will fit a large clumsy knife stainless steel. If the person likes to travel, give him a multifunctional folding knife with various blades and tabs. If the person you want to present the knife, just loves beautiful things, and you want your gift was the decoration of his home or office, purchase a gift sword or the dagger.
When buying, pay attention to the material from which made the handle and the blade itself, check whether there is chipping, scratches and other damage. Make sure that you get a receipt and a certificate which will confirm that the item is not a weapon.
Presenting a knife as a gift, remember about the etiquette. First, any dagger, sword or sword always presented in a closed, folded or in its sheath, to show that you have no bad intentions. Any knife, as a faithful dog, belongs to one person, so the first time to get it out of the sheath should only be a host.
Giving the dagger, you should tell your host that you present the gift with good intentions, and wish something good. If you believe the signs, this thing will last for years and cause no harm. In addition, to give a knife made in exchange for the iron coin, that is, how to sell, like they do with Pets.
Some believe that giving knives is in any case impossible – it is a very bad omen. However, at all times, the sword presented as a gift, was a symbol of respect and complete trust in the person.