You will need
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - scouring;
  • - cleaning "Toilet duck" (sea);
  • - hydrochloric acid.
To remove the mirror tint you can use one of the following methods. Completely replace your glass new. This is the most efficient and easiest option to get rid of the toning, but unfortunately, it will cost you a round sum of money, and not everyone will be able to use it, given its financial condition.
Contact your master service. There you will do everything at the highest level and for the shortest possible time. However, be aware that the process of eliminating the mirror tinting is much more complicated, and this means that the cost for services rendered will be much greater.
Use hydrochloric acid, it is capable of dissolving the coating tinting, just be careful and for safety purposes, wear protective gloves on hands. Slowly remove the glass, so it will be easier to work with. Put it on a flat surface and dilute acid, the solution should be weak. Then with a sponge apply the resulting composition on a glass surface, and wait 5-7 minutes. Rinse with running cold water, and then repeat the procedure from the beginning. Do this as long as the glass becomes transparent.
Try to remove the mirror tint using conventional cleaning products "Toilet duck". You can buy it at almost any hardware store. Just note that it must be marked "marine", as it is the composition of this substance include hydrochloric acid. Glass can not be removed enough in any case to cover the upholstery with plastic or Newspapers. RUB the glass, wait a while and rinse with cool water, then again RUB and rinse, and so until then, until you get the desired result. At the end rinse and dry the glass.