Admin on the forums

Internet forums, where users exchange messages, and various files is also controlled through the admin panel. The structure of the control panel may differ depending on the availability of access from the administrator to certain features on the site. Most popular forums have a multi-level system of moderation and maintenance. At the lowest level are the moderators, who have limited access to the admin area. Most of the moderators are allowed to ban and remove users who violate the terms of use of the forum. Also the moderator has the right through the admin to create threads pinned at the top of the forum posts. Most of these administrators have privileges only in specific sections of the forum.
One resource may have multiple users with access to the administration panel of the website at a particular level.

Moderators are appointed by higher administrators who have extended access to site features. Administrators have the right to assign privileges to some users to change the functionality of the pages and structure of the forum. The site administrator has the right to close the forum for maintenance or to delete all messages available on the website.

Admin on other projects

As with forums on many other sites, admins have certain privileges and manage resource through the admin panel. So, adding entries to blogs is also done via admin panel.

Admin exists in different content management system. Any full engine CMS (e.g. Drupal or Wordpress) has an admin area through which is fully customizable all the functionality of the website. The administrator has the right to change the design of the website, to install additional modules and extensions to the engine, to manage user groups and site visits, to make settings only online resource that affect all users of the site.
Since the admin panel is the main means of site control, access to the admin panel is the main objective of hackers.

Access any panel can be performed by entering a combination of username and password of the administrator. Most admins are protected from hacking, but because the execution of unauthorized sign-in administrator account is calculated as hacking and causing harm to the resource.