Find out if you can make the correction of the ears. It is produced in humans from the age of six. At the time of surgery the person should not be any disease associated with inflammation. Women can not perform the procedure during menstruation.
Find a cosmetic clinic where you will be able to do this operation. It can be both public and commercial. Keep in mind that most of these plastic surgeries are not subject to compulsory health insurance. That is, you have to pay and in fact, in another case. The cost of surgery varies from the complexity of the operation and its execution, and the average for 2012 is twenty thousand rubles.
Sign up and come on reception to the doctor. He will examine you, will explain to you, it is possible in your case, correction of ears and by what method. Next, he will direct you on passing the requisite tests, including blood. This is necessary despite the simplicity of the operation, because you will still be subjected to anesthesia.
If you are satisfied with all the conditions suggested by the doctor, come to the surgery. Four hours before her and you should refrain from food and drink to eliminate the possibility of complications from anesthesia. The operation itself will last an hour or two, but you'd better not to plan anything for this day - the extra time you take out of the state under anesthesia. Most likely, the surgery will be outpatient and you can return home the same day.
Follow the postoperative regime. A week after the procedure, come to the doctor for removal of stitches. During this time keep the ears of water, do not try to scratch or touch the place a surgical suture. After removing the bandage on the head wear special protective tape as much time as will be indicated by the doctor. Usually, complete recovery and healing occurs within a month.