You will need
  • -a Curling iron.
One of the most common ways to cover up the evil ears is that the hair should be loose. The main thing - to comply with the rules in hair care. They are, first and foremost, needs to be perfectly manicured, always smoothly combed, to be shiny and healthy looking. Otherwise instead of improve your appearance by visual remedy the defect, you can make your appearance unpleasant.
Not recommended in this case to tuck hair behind your ears, wear open and updo. If the haircut you have short - so there's no way hair to cover your ears - use volume. Create it from the sides. But consider the fact that the ears when the hair should not protrude beyond the contours of the hair.
Well suited the owner of the ugly ears hair styled in a Bob. It will cover the ear to the middle, hiding the visible protruding part and the look will be straightforward and very carefully.
If hair is long but thin so that it is not up to the task of concealing the ears, then your salvation is in curls. There's a lot of scope for your creativity and imagination. You can either daily to boost his curls with the help of special tongs, curlers and irons. And you can make kesavulu. In any case, your hair will get more volume, which will hide your main defect of protruding or large ears.
Stylists assure that you fit curvy styling. Most importantly, the hair reached the lobes of the ears. Note, however, that a very voluminous hairstyle your face may look a bit flattened. Therefore, lift up the strands at the crown.
If you are a lover of KOs, prominent ears is not a reason to abandon them. Just need to adhere to certain technology of weaving. To do this, start braiding just below the nape of the neck to the top of the hair rather loosely covering the ears. This will give your hair the playfulness at the expense of slight negligence. Exactly the same principle made and tails. Bandage them roughly at shoulder level. Bundles or snails is also allowed, but only if there is more released face framing strands. They can even be cut out. Don't forget to tweak them a little inside.