Make sure that your mobile phone running Windows Mobile or Android. Such operating systems normally take personal information and money from the account. Please contact the salon on services for your phone model to get expert advice on antiviral program. Ask to the primary diagnosis apparatus in the presence of attacks. The viruses are divided into two types - mobile and computer, from the definition of subspecies depends on the type of software that will protect your phone.
Computer viruses remove on your own through the program, which is installed on your computer. Connect the device via USB cable to PC, on the monitor, locate the shortcut to "My computer". Go to "Devices with removable media," define your mobile phone. Right-click the mouse to open it, choose from the pop-up list and click "check your antivirus", click confirmation. Scan all contents of the device, shut down button "cure all".
After cleaning, you need to return to the default settings. Reinstall the files attached to the factory model. Further, using mobile equipment, don't forget about your important information and data. Hacker ingenuity knows no bounds, and malware is updated more frequently than a virus, and viruses are better protected. If you notice that the "cure" for long enough, then the memory card is cleared, but in the office "sits the enemy." To restore normal and safe operation of mobile can a licensed service center.
If the detected attack mobile agents, purchase and install a special protection programme. In the "Programs" tab, locate the antivirus, run a full scan. Activate additional functionality IN "anti-theft, Filter calls and SMS".
Periodically check and clean the database in the phone, remove garbage, old games, no longer relevant information. Prevention as in the field of human health, is always better than cure.