Advice 1: How to repair a fluorescent light

The lamp is equipped with a fluorescent light is a device consisting of several interrelated components. The cause of his failure may be a fault with any of them. To fix the problem, it is necessary to identify components of the lamp failed.
How to repair a fluorescent light
Before the repair, always unplug the lamp. If he was hanging on the ceiling, do not repair it right there - remove the device and put it on the table, and to be able to check, connect to the terminal Board of a conventional power cord. Do not touch any components of the device when it is plugged in.
De-energized a lamp, see if it capacitors. In parallel, each of them must be connected on the resistor. They discharge the capacitor shortly after the removal of the supply voltage. Using the DC voltmeter, verify that they are all discharged, and only then start to work. Find that on a particular capacitor of the resistor no, discharge it with a screwdriver with an insulated handle, and then connect in parallel to a resistor of 1 Megohm and a capacity of at least 0.5 watts.
If the nature of the problem is that when you turn on the lamp fires the gun and all wiring is de-energized, the reason for this is the breakdown of the capacitor which is connected parallel to the network. Replace it with exactly the same. The same need and capacity and working voltage, and type. In any case, check the absence breakdown and other capacitors. To check, disconnect from the device one of the conductors, and the discharge resistor, then connect an ohmmeter. Arrow needs to deviate, then immediately return to its original position. Leaks should not be. After checking the restore all connections.
The reason for the lack of inclusion of the lamp can be open throttle (rare), wear of the starter or the lamp. First check the throttle just rung his ohmmeter without touching the probes to not get hit by the voltage of self-induction. If no open circuit, first replace the starter, and then try to turn on the lamp. Then turn it off again and wait for discharge of capacitors (if any).
If replacing the starter doesn't help, remove the lamp and the bell both its filament. To discover that one of them is open, short-circuit it (in lamps with a constant heating from separate windings you can't do that). If blown both filaments of the lamp must be replaced. Jumper the two threads are not allowed - will burn out the choke.
There are lamps in which a single inductor serves two serially connected lamps, each of which has a separate starter. Such a device will work only if healthy both lamps and both of the starter.
Cause flashing of the lamp can be wear as her starter. To find out what has failed, check the lamp first with a known good bulb, then with a known good starter. After each trial inclusion obestochivaete device, and allow capacitors to discharge.
Electronic Converter used in new lamps instead of the throttle, replace the whole, old machine repairs for replenishment of spare parts that may be required to restore the other fixtures. Starter in such devices the missing. Repair Converter, only trust those with the appropriate skills.
Do not work under tension. Put the bulb in special points of reception.

Advice 2: How to repair old Desk

Over time, your old wooden table shattered, the table, echnica covered with scratches, but throw it in the trash is not included in your plans. Update the table with his hands. It is best to carry out repairs in the winter when the room is heated, and the wood furniture has dried. Then your new mounting connections will last a long time and get loose.
How to repair old Desk
You will need
  • there is a wooden table;
  • - sandpaper or a sander;
  • - screwdriver;
  • keys;
  • new metal fasteners;
  • - joiner's glue;
  • - rubber hammer;
  • - varnish or paint.
Let's see how the connected parts from the table. To do this, turn it over and lay the tablewith echnica on a flat surface. Wood pieces can be held together using metal elements or studs.
When used in the connection of the legs of the metallic elements, tighten them. If the table still wobbles, Unscrew all the bolts or screws. Look at the thread. When it is damaged, replace the fixture for a new one.
Before replacing the fasteners, inspect all the holes. They may crumble, so I screw the screws impossible. We need to strengthen the wood in these places.
Ridge ream the holes larger in the devastated areas. Miss tableArnim furniture or white glue a wooden plug, a suitable diameter. Beat her with a hammer into the hole and let dry.
Make a drill hole for a new screw or screws. Assemble the table again with a new metal fixture.
If the old table connected to wooden spikes, disassemble it into its component parts. Nikolajevaite parts with a rubber mallet or put a wooden plank in the place where you will be hit. Then the tree will not remain dents and chips.
Clean the attachments from the old glue. Check not only the wooden spikes, but also grooves. Foreign matter will reduce the strength of the new connection.
Check all clearances, wooden spikes should not hang out in the grooves. If the nest is too cracked, put him in a few matches planed, coated with glue, or wrap the tongue with gauze or cloth soaked in PVA.
Collect table, promazyvaya fittings tableArnim with white glue. For better bonding of parts assembled wrap the table with a rope. Leave in this position until the glue dries.
Repair tableechnica. Lacquered table where you want to locate, repair deep scratches with a special putty. Align the sealed space and cover the surface with varnish. Let each layer dry thoroughly, then sand it with fine grit paper and paint with a roller.
If the table is painted with paint, update it, choose the color. If necessary, remove the special solvent of the damaged place. Cover the table with a new coat of paint.
Refresh (paint or Polish) the legs of the tableand the new tableechnica.

Advice 3: Energy saving and fluorescent lamps: what's the difference?

Not all yet got accustomed to the new light bulbs, rapidly burst into the Russian market. To replace the bulbs several years ago there was a fluorescent energy-saving lamps.
The picture from the website

The principle of operation

Fluorescent, they are saving is a bulb, which are fundamentally different from the usual glass tubes. Energy saving lamps have a twisted shape and are made of frosted glass. Inside of these lamps are mercury vapor, argon and graphite electrodes for posting current.

The main advantage of energy-saving fluorescent lamps – economical energy consumption that is of particular relevance in connection with the ever increasing electricity tariffs. In addition, the last energy saving lamp is 8 times longer than usual. Although the cost of fluorescent lamps is much higher than usual – about 300 rubles.

If you decide to use fluorescent energy saving lamp, after the end of its service life you'll need to dispose of the lamp in a special way, as these lamps contain mercury. According to experts, if people don't learn how to properly utilizability energy-saving lamps, in the future it will bring damage to human health and the environment.

Will provide uniform economical light

Fluorescent are the so-called fluorescent lights, which are set mainly in administrative offices. It is the phosphor converts the studied lamp the ultraviolet light into visible to the human eye light. Greater light output of these lamps provides a stable uniform illumination for a long time. In addition, fluorescent lamps have three kinds of light: cold, warm and neutral.

Thus, fluorescent and energy saving lamps is the same. Only accepted for compact lamps to apply the definition of "energy-saving", while large fluorescent lamps, and have little energy-saving properties. The principle of operation of all energy-saving fluorescent lamps are the same, the difference is only external.

According to statistics, each inhabitant of Russia accounts for only 2-3 energy-saving lamps in Europe, these figures above significantly. The first CFLs appeared on the world market in the late 1980-ies. Previously, due to the bulky size of a fluorescent lamp was used in homes, but now these lamps are adapted for threads of a conventional cartridge, because everyone has the opportunity to use the house with energy saving bulbs.
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