Turn off the electricity in the room where you are going to change the cartridge in the chandelier. To say in other words, you just need to turn off a light. To include it will be possible only when you are finished. This is essential, as otherwise you may get an electric shock at work.
Remove the chandelier from the ceiling. In order to do this, first you have to drop down protective cap, and then carefully disconnect the wires. After that you can directly to shoot the chandelier. In some cases at first glance it may seem that the cartridges is located in the chandelier so that it can not be removed. But still, if you remove the chandelier from the ceiling, replace the cartridge it will be much easier.
Remove the upper part of the cartridgeand chandeliers. Usually, it is impossible not to notice, as it is well visible external part of the cartridge. Then you should see a ceramic based cartridgea, which is directly attached contacts.
Remove from the body of the chandelier ceramic based cartridge. Usually make it pretty easy, and no difficulties arise. But be careful and careful, don't pull very rapidly or with great force, as otherwise you may accidentally break the wire that attached to it.
Disconnect the wires from the inside of the framework from the contacts that are placed on the outer side. To do this you need to use a screwdriver. With its help, you need to Unscrew the bolts that the wires attached to the contacts.
Replace the old ceramic base with a new one and follow all steps in reverse order. For you to be able to check the accuracy of the contact position of the cartridgeand must attach the base of the bulb. If the latter is immediately tightly to the cartridge, then it's all right.