You will need
  • - 8-10 liters of antifreeze;
  • - the key is "13";
  • - capacity with a capacity of 10 l;
  • plastic bottle;
  • - the hose.
Find heater valve radiator and open it by sliding handle to the right until it stops.
Under the hood, remove the surge tank cap and the filler tube of the radiator.
On a plastic bottle cut the bottom to get a deep watering. One end of a hose put on the neck of the watering can, and the second will drop into a container. In the lower left corner of the radiator there is a drain plug. Substituting the watering can, Unscrew it and drain the antifreeze.
Undo the belt fastening of the surge tank and lifting it up, drain any excess fluid through the radiator. Tighten the drain plug on the radiator and put the tank back in place.
On the engine block, below the candle of the fourth cylinder, find the brass tube under the key "on 13". Put it under the funnel, remove and drain any excess coolant from the cylinder block. Then screw a stopper and tighten it with a key.
Start to fill the cooling system, pouring antifreeze into the radiator. Ensure the fluid level is between the lower and upper mark. Pour antifreeze in expansion tank. The liquid should be poured into the neck of the radiator. Periodically prosemite fingers radiator hoses to fill the system without air pockets. Screw the cap back on the reservoir tank and radiator.
Start the engine and let it warm up. Turn on the heater, and through him, got to go warm the air. After starting the second round of the cooling, the antifreeze will sharply fall through the system. Stopping the engine, add it to the coolant reservoir to the upper mark.